About Us

The first of its kind, Raagreet is an endeavour to bring the music of Indian Classical Musicians to music lovers world over .

Raagreet is a curated platform for the Masters and Gurus of the musical arts to enthrall a global audience with the rarest of the Raags that they rarely get an opportunity to perform.

Raagreet also enables young masters and rising talents of Indian Classical music to showcase their latest works to the world .

For classical music lovers, Raagreet is the ideal destination, to listen to or look for artists on the horizon ,or revered masters of the art , hailing from diverse Gharanas and Angs, and to immerse themselves in their music .

Raagreet is a collaborative community effort by the classical artists for the classical artists . Individual artists upload their music on the portal independently, and retain complete control on their works.

A series of live concerts across the country by the artists on the portal elevates the initial contact with new online audiences into real live interaction with the Rasikas .