4 Amazing Benefits Of Listening Indian Classical Music

Music has been the integral component of every known culture in the world. Though not vital like breathing or eating, it is by some means developed into one of the most primary actions of folks around the world. The proof is seen in the form of flutes made out of bones during prehistoric period. Now, the question is- How does music touch our lives?
Well, many of you would understand the fine line between the unhealthy junk food and healthy food. It might come as amazement to you when you realize that the same concept applies to the music, ie, there is unhealthy music and healthy music. The catch with music just like in food is that something good for you may needn’t be pleasurable as well.
The newer generations have heard about legends like Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar but may have not heard their music. The top downloaded music today comprises only music such as jazz, pop, rock or rap with rare preference for country music. Unfortunately, only a few are aware of the advantages of listening to Indian Classical Music.
Here are some amazing benefits of listening to Indian Classical Music:

1. Booster to your exercise
Generally, we would assume that fast beats are the finest add-ons for our workouts. It would come as astonishment that Indian classical music can assist you during workouts more than any other type of music. There is scientific evidence supporting the fact that Hindustani Classical Music helps you during your hard-and-fast workout, though we rarely find any gym or aerobics class playing them. The benefits include keeping your heart rate and blood pressure normal and also relaxing your mind from exertion and soreness you may feel during exercising. Energetic but not very fast paced classical music can be your perfect partner to boost your exercise.

2. Comfort during pregnancy and childbirth
More and more women are considering pre-natal music to enrich the development process of their baby during pregnancy. According to a recent study, pregnant women who listen to Hindustani classical music aid their babies in learning to distinguish between sounds, which will support in the hearing memory of the developing baby. This is also important in language skills. Selecting a pleasant classical tract that intensely touches your heart for the ‘prenatal music session’ would assist during labor. Hindustani Classical Music played in the background have a tendency to keep the mother-father and baby relaxed during the messy labor and childbirth phase, more so if it is the same track selected for prenatal theme.

3. Advance your memory
The section of the brain that processes memory is positioned right beside the section that processes music. Thus, the type of music you listen to will have a certain effect on your memory. The experimentation popularly known as Mozart effect verified that classical music does advance your memorizing skills but the effects were short-term, since the students were not listening to classical music for long-term either. It is supposed the music with 60 beats per minutes can trigger the left and right brain at the same time. This instantaneous activation of both sides of the brain facilitates the retention and learning skills of the listener.

4. An excellent brain tonic
Hindustani Classical Music is not just any type of common music as it is designed all together in a unique way from the general songs or beats we hear. It is more intricate for our brain to process. When we listen to classical music the paths of our brains that process spatial reasoning are enthused. This is a complex function of our brain which is known as spatial-temporal reasoning – an ability we have to foresee time and space in our mind and also produce and move pictures in them. This capability helps us humans study abstract science, plan and reason ahead of time.

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