Pandit Brij Narayan

Pt Brij Narayan the eldest son of the world renowned Sarangi mastro Pt Ram Narayan was born on Apr 25 1952 in Udaipur in Rajasthan His deep admiration for his father's music who also happens to be his Guru was one of the prime reasons why he was able to adapt with great skill Pt Ram Narayan's own special technique of holding a bow to a plectrum instrument . Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Late Pt Chatur Lal are credited to have significantly influenced Pt Brij Narayan's life and music . Performing since 1968 , he has won many national and international awards .

 Disciple of: Ustad Ali Akbar Khan

 School Name: School of Music

 Vocal Raag:  

 Vocal Lay:  Madhya

 Vocal Tal:  

 Instrumental Raag: Kirwani

 Instrumental Lay:  Madhya

 Instrumental Tal:  Teentaal

 Gat/Bandish:  Gat


Pandit Brij Naryan-Raag Kirwani